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Pictures of old cars and trucks

This blog is all about my fascination with old cars.  I especially like to roam the back roads with my camera in search of derelicts and  carcasses of once wonderful old cars. Frequently, I can’t identify them, but they are no less wonderful.  The site will be updated frequently, so come back often.

For pictures of old cars and old trucks for purchase, please see my photography site. You will be glad you did.

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1936 DeSoto – Best in Class, again

My fascination with this car is obviously shared by many. Ron’s ride keeps winning best of class and comes close to best in show. His recent entry into the Forest Grove Concours d’Elegance won Best in Class even though the rain dampened spirits and photo opportunities. Continue reading


1949 Hudson Commodore

I suppose the romance of a rusting automotive relic is partly about what it could have been.  I dream that some of the pictures on my blog will capture the imagination of a well monied automobile junkie who will surrender some coin to salvage and rejuvenate these beauties. This 1949 Hudson Commodore haunts me because its story is unknown.  It seems just to be waiting. Continue reading