1935 Nash 

My passion is to locate old dead cars.  Fortunately, I am not alone.  So many are in salvage lots where they will soon be crushed for scrap; scrap metal and copper from the radiators being more valuable than parts.   Maybe Jim in Eugene Oregon would consider selling his Nash to someone who can afford to love it.


Last week I fell in real love with a rusted carcass of a true beauty.   With the help of John MacDonald, the car is identified as a 1935 Nash.  It saddens me beyond knowing that this once extraordinary creation will rust away and be lost forever.


Fortunately, a few restorations exist, though more and more old cars are being made into Street Rods and Rat-Rods instead because, again, they are more valuable than true restorations. 


See for yourself how lovely this unique automotive work of art can be.

\'35 Nash



  1. I love your site, I am doing a paper on “Disappearing Americana/Vintage American Cars and Trucks – History on Wheels Being Crushed and Most of the Steel Destine for China”. I am especially interested in the late 40’s and 50’s Chevrolet and GMC pickups. Would you have available pictures of same? Looking for the different models like the three window and the five window. Any unusual histories would be appreciated.
    On another note, have you ever attended the “Summer’s Last Blast” in Vernon, Texas. I’m sixty and I have never seen anything like it. Static displays, burn-outs and an evening cruise. To see, hear and smell Model A’s to Big Blocks, what a treat. Info is on the Web. Thank you for your time, I’d love to hear from you.

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