1932 Buick — Awaiting Restoration

Sadly, I cannot tell you these are before and after shots.  The 1932 Buick series 90 above is in the back lot of a Southern Oregon home-based car restoration shop.  Tom Carr has a team of restoration professionals who work from the home’s two garages.  The side yard is storage for a variety of hulks, all waiting for someone to invest in their restoration. 

The Buick in question is a rare classic and ready for restorationChuck Bidwell’s custom-bodied 1932 90 Series Town Car dates from an era when elaborate coach-built Dusenbergs and Packards were the rides of choice for the discerning upscale automobile buyer. Commissioned by Charles S. Howard (who owned the celebrated racehorse, Sea Biscuit), the car was constructed on stretched Buick chassis by the Murphy Company, one of the foremost coachbuilders of the era.


4 thoughts on “1932 Buick — Awaiting Restoration

  1. My husband found this image (the restored ’32 Buick) and believes his father used to own this vehicle. Do you know who might own the car and/or where it is now?

  2. Sorry, I do know where the burned and rusted Buick resides, but I ‘borrowed’ the finished image. Go to google and search on 1932 buick. Once the results happens, click on images. Then look for your car. Good luck.

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