Pictures of old cars and trucks

This blog is all about my fascination with old cars.  I especially like to roam the back roads with my camera in search of derelicts and  carcasses of once wonderful old cars. Frequently, I can’t identify them, but they are no less wonderful.  The site will be updated frequently, so come back often.

For pictures of old cars and old trucks for purchase, please see my photography site. You will be glad you did.

It is my hope visitors will offer pictures and stories of their own old cars (No Muscle Cars, Please) and contact me in the comments section so I can respond with download instructions.

To see Show and Shine images from Southern Oregon events and slide shows, go to Old Cars Never Die.

A wise friend told me I should mention my real job as an Executive Coach and Job Search Coach.  If you want to learn more, go to my site


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