1949 Hudson Commodore

I suppose the romance of a rusting automotive relic is partly about what it could have been.  I dream that some of the pictures on my blog will capture the imagination of a well monied automobile junkie who will surrender some coin to salvage and rejuvenate these beauties. This 1949 Hudson Commodore haunts me because its story is unknown.  It seems just to be waiting.

I believe, as Jay Leno does, that not all old cars should be completely restored; only rejuvenated so they drive but only enough that the patina of old age and use remains.  And isn’t that what this Hudson says?  There are so many good parts to this car still intact.Hudson grill

But it does take a special kind of person, very patient and in love with the history of this fine beast to consider retrieving it from the metal heap.  I wonder what it takes to motivate someone to consider salvaging such a beauty?  Tell me on a comment?

Hudson dash

But imagine, if you will, what it could beinterior

And imagine, if you will, in what good company you’d find yourself:  hudson restored



  1. I’m 65 year old looking to relive my youth and my first car:
    1949 Hudson Commodore, eight cyclinder, oil bath clutch, 4 speed with OD which my Dad took me to by at age 17 in Ft. Pierce, FL, for the steal of $132.50.
    Any leads would be appreciated.

  2. Hay if you could send me some info on the 1949 Hudson Commodore like where it is, I would love to bring this old girl back from the grave, and give her a second chance. By the way good pictures, almost like a trip back in time.

    • Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I love that car. I visit it frequently, camera in hand. The owner is constantly approached with offers to buy it and he always refuses.

      I hope to talk to him in January and will see what’s up. Stay tuned.

      Happy new year to you.

  3. unfortunately there are to many that sit in fields or barns that rot because someone would rather watch it rot than let it go. Of course you have the others that confuse old with valuable and want an amount so outrageous for it it will continue to rot because no one will pay thier gold mine price. Sad but alot of them meet an end like this.

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